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“When you dream of places you’ve never seen…
…wake up, pack up and leave.”

iceland volcanic trail

I have no idea when or why I became obsessed with visiting Iceland. I knew nothing of the country but I had a feeling I needed to be there. Looking back I know exactly why…

Reykjavik was nothing like I expected… no Vikings, no ice? 🤔 Just a little city with beautiful street art and quirky little surprises. Walking around I couldn’t help but be amazed how quickly a place so far from home can start to feel like home.


Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost in.

The capital city is a nice introduction to the island, but let’s just say that all the magic lies between waterfalls and hiking trails. In the company of a few sheep with the lack of cell reception you become lost underneath a clear blue sky only to find…


…nature really does clear the mind.

I have never properly hiked before, but with views like this? I mean… I could do it for the rest of my life. Walking on lava ash with a backdrop of glaciers and mountains with mind blowing views. What can be better than that?

Nothing. absolutely nothing.

All and all… what ever you do, make sure you do Iceland 😉


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