I am usually in the midst of battling evil overlords or having an epic love story when someone interrupts me to ask: “What is it with you and books?” The typical notion that follows is: “I mean why do you need to escape reality by burying your head between pages?”

My jaw drops at the question, but I’m already prepared to answer. So I do: ” To live a thousand lives before I die.” A quote inspired by George R. R Martin that sums up my book love with such ease.

With each narrative, character and line of thought, which is written on the pages before me, I get to live another life.

I get to see and feel the world (fiction or not) from another perspective. It is odd but I truly feel that this experience has made me more empathic in many circumstances. I have also learned so much about history, geography and literature that no amount of schooling was able to instill in my brain.

Last but not least, reading has made me more creative, motivated and overall happier. I mean… I get to spend time in fantastic places, creating characters and locations simply with my mind. It’s pure exercise for the imagination and a kick in the ass to go out there and experience it for yourself. And I mean happiness? I don’t even have to say anything about it, because it has been said before me – just 6 minutes of reading reduces stress!

So next time you come across a person with a book just ask: “What are you reading?” Trust me you will have an inspiring conversation and maybe a good reference to pick up a book too. 

Traveling solo might seems like a loner concept, but in all honesty it is just the opposite. This particular way of travel has been the best decision in my life! Here’s why…

say hello to you!

When you haven’t had a decent meal in ages and your feet are killing you from walking all day, then the only person to deal with your cranky ass is You. When you have no idea where to go, 20kg on your shoulders and a dead phone battery, then the only one to save the day is You. These are the moments when you truly start to understand who you are and what you are actually capable of. It is a beautiful start to a long lasting friendship – the one you have with yourself!


Dancing until the wee hours of morning by the canals of Amsterdam with crazy Asians. Taking the hitchhiking virginity of an Ozzie with a MINI Cooper owning Italian couple on the countryside roads of Italy. Falling in love under the lights of Notre Dame when your fingers meet a fellow soul. Friends, adventure, love, these are not lines out of a book, this is what traveling solo feels like. It brings so many beautiful people into your life that it is hard to stop smiling just remembering them all right now.

And yes, who says you might not experience it all when traveling with friends or family, but will you? Will you step out of character, out of your comfort zone and let go?


You don’t feel like getting up early, going to a particular museum, eating in a fancy restaurant? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Solo traveling entails no compromises, no arguments, no agenda. It is pure freedom to do what ever your soul craves for in that particular moment in time. So sleep in or don’t. Party or don’t. This is your adventure, you decide how it will go!IMG_4613_2_2

So my dear loved ones, who worry about me each time I get on a plane/train/boat, I assure you, you need not worry. Every time I travel solo, I embark on a journey filled with everything mentioned above.

Safe travels my lovelies and see you around the world 😉

You know that feeling when your palms get sweaty, a hole forms in the pit of your stomach and you are not sure if you can actually do this? That moment of doubt and fear has turned into one of my favorite pastimes.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


So no matter where I am I always try to find some adventures packed with adrenaline. This summer my path crossed with a magical Swiss town between two of the bluest lakes I have ever seen – Interlaken. It turns out this small European town is a mecca for extreme activity lovers. A quick TripAdvisor search will show you exactly why 😉

Out of all the possible activities, skydiving, rafting, canyoning, etc, one thing really called out to me – hang gliding. I have never done it before and the view seemed unbelievable, so I booked it. 13th of August – hang gliding with Bernie, check!


Now flying across the sky is a rather serene experience, especially when paragliding, but hang gliding has a bit of extra punch. If you let your pilot go crazy you can really have a great time in the sky.

After the amazing scenery I still craved for a rush, so I decided to join fellow hang gliders who were going bungee jumping in Stockhorn. 134-meter drop from a gondola is definitely something that will make you shake in your boots. Then again it will also give you the biggest smile ever, as soon as you’re off the ledge.

The beauty of fear is that once you over come it you feel invincible.

Now this town is small as hell, with a few hotels/hostels and one bar, but I will go back there again and again, because there is just so much to experience and see. Hiking trails and canyoning get ready I’ll be back soon!

Now that you know that I am an adrenaline junky, let me know in the comments what is the craziest adventure you’ve ever done!

PS! I also had a camera with me, so check out all the flying and jumping: