…and so the adventure begins.

If your compass, heart or feet have taken the direction of Thailand, I applaud you! Many great adventures will await. Thailand in itself is extremely versatile, that is why it would be a sin to include all my favorite things in one post. So I will begin with the laid-back cultural city called Chiang Mai.

What to do in Chiang Mai

There is so much to do in this “new city” (founded in 1296, seems like a legit name). But here are the three things I would say are a must do!


Seriously eat all the food! You know, how you never know where you want to go and what you want to eat? This problem ends in Chiang Mai. The amount of good food is ridiculous. A great cheap good place to eat has to be Cooking Love and if you are all about the atmosphere then Dash! won’t let you down.

We ate too quick for photos ♥


Bring your sunglasses because the gold is blinding and bring your cash because the markets are binding! Walking around Chiang Mai is a breathtaking experience. The amount of historical temples is jaw dropping and the feeling, well let’s just say it is enlightening. When night falls the streets change and you are in the midst of crazy busy yet extremely fun markets. When you do walk around Chiang Mai make sure to find your way to the Temple of The Golden Mountain and find a night market will you 😉


Adventure is all about feeling and experiencing new things. On the sidelines of this cultural hub you can find spectacular ventures in the nature. Going crazy in the mountains with an ATV, rafting down the beautifully insane white waters or gliding across the skyline of magical forests with a zip-line, now this is what I call great memories. If you fancy some madness in your travels then call Eric from 8Adventures, he simply made us want to miss our plane.

Well there you have it, my favorite things to do in Chiang Mai. Hope it helps you have as much fun as I did in this splendid city!

If you lack motivation to get on a plane, here is a recap of our time in Thailand 😉