I love to plan when I travel… then again I don’t. It’s usually a hard balance to obtain – planning enough so you don’t miss all the important stuff, yet planning little enough for the magic to happen. Over the years I’ve perfected this skill, so stepping off the plain with a vague idea of what awaits for me in Portugal felt perfectly acceptable.

During this magical balancing act I somehow discovered 5 beautiful things about Porto that I truly want to recommend to everyone who ever find their way there.

1. Oporto Adventure Tour

On the last day of my stay in Porto I really felt the urge to get into the nature (that’s what happens when you leave an Estonian in a city for too long 😂). I managed to get a last minute trip with Oporto Adventure Tour and man was I lucky – the group, the guides, the locations were out of this world. Words can’t describe it, so I will let pictures do the job.





2. Ponte de D. Luis

One might find a bridge to be boring well I can assure you this one isn’t. The night time view from our Airbnbporto_ponte…and the day time view from the bridge itself were breathtaking.porto_ponte_luis


Mythical cathedrals have always been one of my favorite reasons to travel Europe. The grandeur and intricacy of these buildings is overwhelmingly yet for some reason always empowering.

This beauty is located in the heart of Porto, hard to miss even if you tried 😉


For a book nerd like me this exquisite store felt like heaven. I spent hours in Livraria Lello & Irmao enjoying the atmosphere and  abundance of books but even for a non fanatic this place is a beautiful delight. I mean it is the 3rd most beautiful bookstore in the world. 😍


On the first day of my trip the weather was kind of windy and wet so I decided to do something stupid and visit a spot I knew would be even windier and wetter – the ocean side! Luckily for me, it was probably the best decision ever. The waves were huge and crashing with a force of a wrecking ball. The beach was completely abandoned and mine for the taking. It was hard not to be excited by such a site and experience, so this magic definitely belongs in my top 5.


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.01.22 PM

There you have it 5 great things to do in Porto, tested and approved by yours truly. I do hope you enjoyed this long but very picture-y kind of post.  See you soon with another one, okay? 😉


If pictures are not enough for you, then feel free to experience the listed things in the format of a video 😊

And FYI guys I snap (snapchat: kairikilling). Here are a few moments you missed. Make sure to not miss anymore 😉