“When you dream of places you’ve never seen…
…wake up, pack up and leave.”

iceland volcanic trail

I have no idea when or why I became obsessed with visiting Iceland. I knew nothing of the country but I had a feeling I needed to be there. Looking back I know exactly why…

Reykjavik was nothing like I expected… no Vikings, no ice? 🤔 Just a little city with beautiful street art and quirky little surprises. Walking around I couldn’t help but be amazed how quickly a place so far from home can start to feel like home.


Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost in.

The capital city is a nice introduction to the island, but let’s just say that all the magic lies between waterfalls and hiking trails. In the company of a few sheep with the lack of cell reception you become lost underneath a clear blue sky only to find…


…nature really does clear the mind.

I have never properly hiked before, but with views like this? I mean… I could do it for the rest of my life. Walking on lava ash with a backdrop of glaciers and mountains with mind blowing views. What can be better than that?

Nothing. absolutely nothing.

All and all… what ever you do, make sure you do Iceland 😉




he world is filled with magical places. Yet I always end up on this rock. 😂 We met in 2013 and I have been in love ever since. In all honesty the obscene amount of sun, incredibly versatile bunch of residents and magical landscapes are hard to resist. So I figured I’d do a little overview and let you know my TOP 5 places to visit in Malta. 


If you are the kind of person who appreciates scenic views then Dingli cliffs is a must. 


There’s history and then there is mind boggling locations that exude memories and times that make you take a step back and look at the world in a new light. Mdina (the silent city) with its colorful windows and no traffic is definitely one of these places. The same goes for Rabat that use to be the suburbs of Mdina and well one can not visit these places and leave out Mosta with it’s jaw dropping Rotunda church.


This is a little hidden gem in Malta. You probably need a local to find it, but it’s such a perfect place for cliff jumping and sunbathing without loads of tourists.IMG_4504_2


My beautiful Valletta 😍 There are no words to describe you. The capital of Malta is all about the vibe – hidden bridge bars, enchanting little parks and cinema nights on the streets. One can not visit Malta and not feel what this city has to offer.


Last but not least is my favorite place of all – the Blue Lagoon. Every single time I go to Malta I take a Fernandes to visit Comino and this blue beauty. It’s a full day boat trip filled with snorkeling, great food and breathtaking underwater views.
! Tourist warning. If you go to Malta during high season this place will be overcrowded.

These are just a few of the incredible places that Malta has to offer. I still haven’t had the chance to visit the island of Gozo, but I have a feeling it is in my near future. 😉

If you want to see more of Malta then check out my videos!

I love to plan when I travel… then again I don’t. It’s usually a hard balance to obtain – planning enough so you don’t miss all the important stuff, yet planning little enough for the magic to happen. Over the years I’ve perfected this skill, so stepping off the plain with a vague idea of what awaits for me in Portugal felt perfectly acceptable.

During this magical balancing act I somehow discovered 5 beautiful things about Porto that I truly want to recommend to everyone who ever find their way there.

1. Oporto Adventure Tour

On the last day of my stay in Porto I really felt the urge to get into the nature (that’s what happens when you leave an Estonian in a city for too long 😂). I managed to get a last minute trip with Oporto Adventure Tour and man was I lucky – the group, the guides, the locations were out of this world. Words can’t describe it, so I will let pictures do the job.





2. Ponte de D. Luis

One might find a bridge to be boring well I can assure you this one isn’t. The night time view from our Airbnbporto_ponte…and the day time view from the bridge itself were breathtaking.porto_ponte_luis


Mythical cathedrals have always been one of my favorite reasons to travel Europe. The grandeur and intricacy of these buildings is overwhelmingly yet for some reason always empowering.

This beauty is located in the heart of Porto, hard to miss even if you tried 😉


For a book nerd like me this exquisite store felt like heaven. I spent hours in Livraria Lello & Irmao enjoying the atmosphere and  abundance of books but even for a non fanatic this place is a beautiful delight. I mean it is the 3rd most beautiful bookstore in the world. 😍


On the first day of my trip the weather was kind of windy and wet so I decided to do something stupid and visit a spot I knew would be even windier and wetter – the ocean side! Luckily for me, it was probably the best decision ever. The waves were huge and crashing with a force of a wrecking ball. The beach was completely abandoned and mine for the taking. It was hard not to be excited by such a site and experience, so this magic definitely belongs in my top 5.


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.01.22 PM

There you have it 5 great things to do in Porto, tested and approved by yours truly. I do hope you enjoyed this long but very picture-y kind of post.  See you soon with another one, okay? 😉


If pictures are not enough for you, then feel free to experience the listed things in the format of a video 😊

And FYI guys I snap (snapchat: kairikilling). Here are a few moments you missed. Make sure to not miss anymore 😉

Now this is what happens when I go shopping in bookstores 😂 I totally get side tracked with awesome little bits and bobs. This time all of the items that caught my attention were travel related. Guess I’m already experiencing withdrawal symptoms after being in one place for over a month. So here is a short post about perfect gift ideas for your travel loving friends!


Unique suitcase
Scratch-off city scavenger hunt
Ööloom face blanket
Any Lonely Planet book
Adventure water bottle

One might think a hostel is simply a place to crash after a full day of adventure, but…
giphyin reality a hostel can make or break your travel mojo.

During my travels I have always managed to stay in some pretty amazing places. Yet finding a great hostel isn’t an easy task at all, so I may have to say thank you to lady luck or these 3 simple rules.


The first thing I always do is go to my favorite sites (HostelWorld and TripAdvisor), find the top 5 rated places and cross-reference them between sites. The ones that overlap, are the ones I keep in my selection. And in all honesty places with less then 75-80% as a score, will be crossed off my list immediately.


Once the mini-selection is established it is time to dig deep and find the perfect match. The first criteria I use is the location. It would suck if your hostel were in a dodgy area or hours away from any kind of attractions. Trust me, you don’t want to be scared to roam the streets at night. Nor do you want to stay in the middle of nowhere and have to “hike” a massive distance every single time you need/want to go to the hostel.


This is also the time you check any other criteria’s you may have, such as price, room types and flexible booking options.


Before you make your final decision, spend an obscene amount of time reading peoples comments. Yes, I mean it; don’t just skim through the first three reviews. Take your time and choose the comments of people who are similar to you. For example if you travel solo, read solo travelers reviews, they might have had a completely different experience then a family with two kids. This will give you an adequate idea of the vibe of the place and it will more likely suit your style.


That’s it. These 3 little tips have helped me stay in places that have contributed to my adventures in more ways that I can say.

And last but not least here are my TOP 3 hostels in Europe so far.

1. 3 Ducks Boutique Hostel, Paris
10 minute walk from the Eiffel tower, best bar in the city and super nice rooms.
2. Wombat Nachmarket, Vienna
Great transportation connections, happening bar and beautiful interior everywhere.
3. Dreaming in Rome, Rome
The best hostel owner and loads of activities with fellow guests.


Traveling solo might seems like a loner concept, but in all honesty it is just the opposite. This particular way of travel has been the best decision in my life! Here’s why…

say hello to you!

When you haven’t had a decent meal in ages and your feet are killing you from walking all day, then the only person to deal with your cranky ass is You. When you have no idea where to go, 20kg on your shoulders and a dead phone battery, then the only one to save the day is You. These are the moments when you truly start to understand who you are and what you are actually capable of. It is a beautiful start to a long lasting friendship – the one you have with yourself!


Dancing until the wee hours of morning by the canals of Amsterdam with crazy Asians. Taking the hitchhiking virginity of an Ozzie with a MINI Cooper owning Italian couple on the countryside roads of Italy. Falling in love under the lights of Notre Dame when your fingers meet a fellow soul. Friends, adventure, love, these are not lines out of a book, this is what traveling solo feels like. It brings so many beautiful people into your life that it is hard to stop smiling just remembering them all right now.

And yes, who says you might not experience it all when traveling with friends or family, but will you? Will you step out of character, out of your comfort zone and let go?


You don’t feel like getting up early, going to a particular museum, eating in a fancy restaurant? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Solo traveling entails no compromises, no arguments, no agenda. It is pure freedom to do what ever your soul craves for in that particular moment in time. So sleep in or don’t. Party or don’t. This is your adventure, you decide how it will go!IMG_4613_2_2

So my dear loved ones, who worry about me each time I get on a plane/train/boat, I assure you, you need not worry. Every time I travel solo, I embark on a journey filled with everything mentioned above.

Safe travels my lovelies and see you around the world 😉