TIP // How to find a good book?

Hello good book… bye bye sleep.

Finding the perfect book is like finding the perfect guy – seems impossible in the beginning but is incredibly rewarding in the end. Now I am not going to get into all the online dating aka Goodreads and Amazon, where you have books lined up based on your personal preferences. I am going to talk about the good old fashion, get out there and find that right one.

how to find a good book

Step 1

Stop wishing and dreaming. Get off the couch and visit a bookshop!

Step 2

Walk around until you spot something you like. Yes, I know this is superficial but let’s all be honest here, we want a book that will read good and also look good on the bookshelf.

Step 3

Sit the acquired target down and spend some quality time together. This step is vital to locking down a good one!

Step 4

Ask all the hard questions. After you have read a couple of pages ask yourself: Do I want to spend the night with this one? Is it likely I would want to introduce my friends to it? Can I stick it out until the end?

Step 5

Seal the deal. If you answered positively to step 4, then it is about time you get serious and take the book home.

Step 6

I hope you guys live happily until the end of the book.

Hope this little post helps you find your perfect match. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips to finding good books. 

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